SID STANDARD 1931-2003

"it's all rideable..."

President of Beeston Road Club, former President of Nottinghamshire Cyclists Touring Club - and an inspiration to countless cyclists in the area, Sid died on September 10th 2003, following an accident while out riding his bike in the hills of Derbyshire.

Sid was an engineer and was involved in the design of Sturmey Archer hub gears. In the 70's he bought a bike shop in Beeston and production of handbuilt bikes bearing his name started.

Every Sunday for 40 odd years, Sid also introduced groups of youngsters to the joys of cycling. There didn't seem to be a lane, bridlepath or donkey track in the East Midlands that he had not ridden at some time.

Many of his proteges have gone on to distinguish themselves in the sport - he could count National Champions, and an Olympic medal winner amongst them.
These riders competed at the very top level before lottery funding or training structure.

He also loved cycle touring and at Easter, Sid and other club members would take the kids to Wales to ride some of the famous mountain passes.
Kids rode all the way there and back carrying their own luggage - and they loved it!
You should see how much snot a tired, grinning, 12 year old can produce after riding 70 miles! Believe me... I know.

In 1996 Sid won a Mayors Award in recognition of his work with "The Juniors", some of whom now have kids of their own who also sat on his wheel.

A major heart operation a few years before his death kept him off of his bike for a short time, but as soon as he was able he was back in the saddle and out riding again.

The year he died he had already clocked up over 6000 miles.

His funeral made the local news, 400-500 cyclists formed the cortege, led by his son David - an ex-GB rider himself.
The police stopped traffic, even on the busy A52, cutting off Nottingham from the motorway.
The "club ride to out-do all other club rides..."

When the Nottingham Tram system was built, the trams were named after "local heroes". Tram No 209 was named after Sid.

The Sid Standard Junior Road Race (organised by David) was known as one the toughest events on the junior calendar.
Held on the roads ridden thousands of times by Sid as the local club TT course - most memorably in a Santa outfit accompanied by a bunch of 'elves'. His wife Cath - also a keen cyclist - providing the tea!

Many of today's top GB riders showed their early promise on this little course.
Geraint Thomas won the inaugural event and Helen Gutteridge (who started out on Sid's wheel) won the Women's race some years later.

In September 2014, Sid was honoured with a blue plaque on the wall of the little Beeston shop where generations of Notts cyclists were infected by the cycling bug.

Sid's often repeated motto of "it's all rideable" usually came when we were nearly up to our axles in mud but also could apply very well to much of the rest of life.

He is sadly missed...

Kev Stevenson,

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See some pics of Sid, Juniors (and not so juniors!) in action Here

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