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Use these calculators to calculate your Maximum Heart Rate and your Heart Rate Training Zones...

Max Heart Rate Calculator

Your Age? Your Max HR BPM (Beats per Minute)
This heart rate calculator uses your age (the simplest form of calculation) to calculate your Maximum Heart Rate.

In reality, your max HR will vary according to personal factors and your fitness level. The fitter you are, the higher your Maximum Heart Rate will be. More scientific methods will vary by approx 5-15 BPM...

Heart Rate Zones can be used to structure your training, riding and recovery. Riding and training within various HR Zones brings various fitness benefits...

You do not need to be an elite cyclist to benefit from this - but you will need a Heart Rate Monitor in order to know whats going on.

Heart Rate Zone 1 - 50-60%

Cycling at 50-60% HR will increase your health but not your fitness.

Heart Rate Zone 2 - 60-70%

Cycling at 60-70% will burn fat & develop basic endurance and fitness - also useful for recovery rides (i.e. a leg-loosener the day after a hard ride.
You can ride all day in this zone.

Heart Rate Zone 3 - 70-80%

Training at 70-80% will improve your aerobic (heart and lung) capacity. With increased fitness, you can spend longer in this zone.

Heart Rate Zone 4 - 80-90%

This crosses the anaerobic training threshold. Riding at 80-90% will increase your strength, speed and performance.

Zone 5 - 90-100%

Riding or training at this full-on level is only possible for very short periods of time.

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