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Cycle to Work Scheme - Get yourself a cheap bike

The Cycle to Work Scheme is part of the Government's Green Transport initiative.

Under this initiative you can buy a bike and pay for it monthly out of your salary - this is called a salary sacrifice.
Because the payment is taken from your salary before deductions, you pay less tax and National Insurance. This is where you make your saving.

You'll save anywhere between 30-50% on the cost of the bike, clothing and accessories. The typical saving is around 40%. Your employer can also claim back the VAT on the bike.

There are some limits as to what you can buy - for example, a unicycle would be out of the question but most other types of cycle (including folding bikes & electric bikes) do qualify. Some accessories are out of bounds too i.e GPS units.

Most (but not all) employers limit the amount you can spend to 1000.
However, some employers don't mind if you top that up out of your own pocket.

You should use the bike to ride to work but there are no restrictions on recreational use.

Most major bike retailers and many smaller independent shops participate in the Cycle to Work Scheme.

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