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Cycle Clothing

Cycle clothing is designed specifically for cycling - to fit you properly while you're sat on the bike.

Although you can cycle in any clothing, to feel more comfortable on the bike it is worth getting some decent cycle clothing.

Your cycling will be more enjoyable with the proper kit!

Cycling Shorts - the Key to Comfy Cycling...

Cycling shorts are padded to to help delay "Saddle Butt Syndrome".

A good pair of padded cycling shorts will let you stay in the saddle all day if you want to.

Road Cycling Shorts
Lycra cycling shorts are constructed from panels of fabric. The more panels, the better the fit - 8 panel shorts fit better than 6 panel. Gel-padded cycling shorts are also available.

Baggy Cycling Shorts
If you feel self-conscious in clingy Lycra, buy a pair of baggy padded cycling shorts - cycling shorts available in baggier, more conventional designs but still with the added comfort of padding for cycling.
On better quality shorts the padding is removable for easy washing.

Ladies cycling shorts have a different padded section to men's shorts.

Padded under-shorts are also available - turn any shorts into cycling shorts...

For cold weather cycling, you'll need "longs" (not shorts - geddit!).


Living in the UK, a waterproof cycling jacket is a must-have!

Cycling jackets are usually longer at the back and at the wrists to keep those areas protected in the cycling position.

Cycling Jackets are best made of a breathable fabric such as Goretex or eVent to let your sweat escape.
My favourite cycling jacket (Endura) has zips at the armpits (pitzips!) that help make it comfortable to wear all day in all conditions. Different cycle clothing manufacturers design different way of ventilating their garments.

A lightweight waterproof breathable cycling jacket will do for most of the year. You'll need something a bit more heavy-duty if riding in the depths of winter.

Recent tests have shown the Endura Venturi to be the best performing cycling jacket in terms of waterproofing and breathability.

For cyclists on a budget, the Endura Gridlock is a great value-for-money waterproof breathable cycling jacket - vents, pockets and waterproof zips all for around fifty quid!.


Cycle Gloves or "track mitts" stop your hands getting sore and offer protection if you fall off.
They have padded palms to soak up vibration from the handlebars and some have a gel-pad built in to the palm for extra comfort cycling over long distances

Winter cycling gloves need to give a bit more protection.
Get cuffs that can fit inside the sleeves of your jacket to keep draughts and rain out.
A breathable-fabric is best as a build up of sweat in the glove can chill and make your hands colder than ever.


Cycling jerseys usually have their pockets in the back, a zip for ventilation and are often made out of technical fabrics to wick away moisture - and mesh panels prevent you overheating.
My summertime favourite cycling jersey has a full length zip so that on very hot days I can open it right up - aaah...lovely breeze!

For autumn and winter time cycling, long sleeves can be rolled up or down as neccessary while you cycle. As the weather gets colder, add a base layer or two under your cycling jersey for extra insulation and to wick away sweat.


Cycling shoes have stiff soles to transfer more of your effort to the pedals. They are usually very well ventilated to keep your feet cool while cycling.

If your kind of cycling involves time off the bike (sight-seeing etc) then you would probably be better off with the recreational type of cycling shoes which usually look more like trainers and are easy to walk in.

Race-style cycling shoes offer better performance but are less suitable if walking any distance...

Most cycling shoes nowadays allow you to fit clips to the sole to fasten your shoe to the pedal.


Cycling Sunglasses
Most people just use sunglasses for cycling. Cycling Glasses have some specific advantages.

  • Wrap Round lenses keep out flies and any debris kicked up by the wheel in front...

  • Shatterproof Lenses for your safety...

  • You'll look Cool...

    Some glasses come with interchangeable lenses- Dark lenses for Summer, Yellow or Clear lenses for Winter.
    Wearing your cycling glasses in winter protects your eyes against crud thrown up from the road and stops your eyes from streaming in the cold.

    More expensive cycling glasses will allow you to fit prescription lens inserts.

  • Any bike shop should have a selection of cycle clothing
    that you can check out and try on.
    Ladies - womens cycle clothing is specifically cut to fit the female form.


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