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Bike Jackets

Cycling Jackets

Being chilled to the bone or soaked to the skin can spoil any bike ride.
So if you live in the UK, a decent cycling jacket is a must-have!

A cycling jacket is specially designed to keep you comfortable on your bike...

The cut of the jacket, the fabrics used and cyclist-specific features all contribute to a happier, drier, more comfy you!

There are 2 main types of cycling jacket...
  • Windproof Cycling Jackets.
  • Waterproof Cycling Jackets.

    Bike Jacket Specifics...

    Cycling jackets are specially shaped to fit comfortably while cycling...

    The sleeves on a cycling jacket are slightly longer than normal to keep your wrists covered and a "dropped tail" will protect your lower back.

    The front of the jacket will be cut high so as not to get in the way when you are bent over the handlebars and any pockets will usually be at the back or on the chest - again out of the the way while cycling.

    A snug fit will prevent your jacket flapping about and makes cycling into the wind easier.

    Women's cycling jackets are specially cut to fit the female shape.

    Ventilation & Overheating...

    For most of the year keeping cool while cycling is more of a problem than staying warm.
    The harder you ride, the hotter you get!

    When you get hot - you sweat.
    Some cycling jackets use zipped vents for extra ventilation when needed.

    Even in winter, it is possible to overheat on the bike. A winter cycling jacket should also offer easy ventilation. Open your zip on a long climb and zip up before a long cold descent.

    Breathable Waterproof Cycling Jackets.

    Breathable fabric allows your sweat to escape from the jacket. Buy the best breathable waterproof cycling jacket you can afford.

    A non-breathable cycling jacket will soak you in your own condensed sweat - very unpleasant!

    For leisure cycling or cycle-commuting, the Endura Gridlock bike jacket is good value for money - breathable and waterproof with pockets, vents and waterproof zips.

    If your budget allows, fabrics such as Gore Tex or eVENT are even more breathable and will cope with most weather conditions.

    Gore Windstopper will withstand a shower and Goretex is completely waterproof. The Goretex Paclite jackets, as their name suggests, pack down small - small enough to fit into a cycling jersey pocket.

    In tests, the best breathable waterproof cycle jacket is the Endura Venturi.

    Lightweight Packable Cycling Jackets.

    A lightweight cycling jacket will pack down small enough to fit in your jersey pocket.

    They don't provide much in the way of insulation, but if the weather turns wet in summer you've got an extra layer of protection!

    In colder weather, you'd have a layer or two underneath. The jacket is your shell layer.

    If you can afford the best lightweight cycling jacket, the Gore Xenon AS is "a ride essential" (Cycling+ Magazine).

    Softshell Cycling Jackets.

    A softshell cycling jacket is like a thick windproof or waterproof cycling jersey.

    Softshell Cycling Jackets such as the Gore Xenon and Endura Stealth (rated "the perfect cycling jacket..." (Cycling Plus Magazine 10/10) offer some insulation from the cold so are a good choice for autumn and winter use - with the possible addition of a wicking base layer.

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