Bicycle Saddle Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Bicycle Saddles

Get Comfy on your Bicycle Saddle

You can ride your bike in comfort all day with the right saddle.

Bicycle saddles are available in a variety of shapes and designs...

A bike with an upright cycling position (e.g. hybrid bike or recreational mountain bike) requires a broader saddle.

On a drop-handlebar bike, more of your weight is supported by your arms - so the saddle can be narrow.
The narrower nose of the road bike saddle also prevents chafing of the thighs over long distances.

A gel-filled bicycle saddle can add extra comfort to your ride and elastomers or springs can soften things up a bit for the recreational rider.

A gel bicycle saddle and a pair of padded cycle shorts will keep you comfy for most of the day.

Some bicycle saddles have a groove down the middle - this is intended to relieve pressure 'down there'.

Saddle Materials

Bicycle Saddles are available in different materials - fabric, plastic or leather covering a stiff chassis. Kevlar edges offer scuff-protection.

The metal bars under the saddle are called the 'saddle rails'.

All saddle rails (except on some BMX/jump-specific saddles) fit a standard bicycle seatpost.

More expensive bike saddles will sport saddle-rails made out of lighter, exotic materials such as titanium or carbon fibre.
The more exotic the material - the more you pay...

Brooks Leather Saddles

Brooks have been manufacturing bicycle saddles since the 1800's and Brooks saddles are still made in the traditional way - just leather. A Brooks saddle enthusiast won't sit on anything else!

Women's Bicycle Saddles

Women's bicycle saddles are available with all of the above features but with some differences...
A women-specific saddle will have a shorter 'nose' and a wider seat area to support the wider female pelvic bones.

If you are riding a bloke's bike - replace the saddle with one designed for women. It will be much more comfortable...

Bicycle Saddles

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