Bicycle Lock Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Bicycle Locks

Help Prevent Crime... Buy a Decent Bike Lock!

Some bad people may want to steal your bicycle!

Dont let them - keep them at bay with a good bicycle lock.

A good lock will deter all but the most determined of bike thieves...

A widely quoted 'rule of thumb' is to spend 10% of the value of your bike on your lock.

Bike Lock Ratings
Bike lock manufacturers such as Kryptonite and Abus give their locks a rating to indicate strength, usually a number.
A higher bicycle lock rating means a more secure lock - able to withstand a longer attack with heavier tools ...

Your insurer may insist that your bicycle lock also has a 'silver' or 'gold' rating - these are the best bicycle locks you can buy...

Read the description of the lock, product descriptions will always mention silver or gold ratings.

The Abus Granit 54 is one of the best bike locks on the market today...

  • Buy a D-Lock and a wire-loop lock to allow you to lock your front wheel.
  • Always try to lock to something secure like a cycle-stand or railings.

    Sadly for us as cyclists, the best bicycle lock is also the heaviest bicycle lock. On a long ride or a cycling holiday carry a lighter lock - something to deter an opportunist from riding off on your bicycle.

    When you park, remove your bike lights and accessories and take them with you.
    Replace your saddle quick-release with a bolt to stop some toe-rag from nicking your saddle.

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