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Bicycle Computers

Get Statistical with a Bicycle Computer

A bicycle computer lets you keep track of your cycling - how far you've gone and how long it took you.

It can be helpful when following a map or to let you know fast you came down that last hill.
The bike computer can be used to monitor your fitness levels but can also tell you when to replenish your cake-levels...

Any basic bicycle computer will measure speed (current, maximum and average), distance and time.

More expensive bicycle computers will measure pedal-cadence, lap-times, calories and other stuff you might not need...

They're quite easy to fit. A few fiddly screws and you're done.

With most bicycle computers a small magnet is fixed to a spoke and a sensor to your bicycle fork.
The bike computer - mounted on your handlebars - receives information from the sensor.

Cheaper bicycle computers use a wire to connect the sensor to the computer.

More expensive wireless bicycle computers are also available.

A wireless bicycle computer looks tidier and fitting it is less fiddly - again you just need a screwdriver.

Top of the range models can also act as heart-rate monitors and give a wealth of information to a serious cyclist or triathlete - their data can be downloaded and analysed on a home PC.
Garmin cycle computers incorporate mapping and GPS functions.

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