5 Free Ways to Make Your Cycling Easier

Are you finding that cycling feels like hard work?

Then make sure you've got these points covered...

1. Pump Your Tyres Up...

Bike tyres roll most efficiently at their maximum pressure.

The Max Pressure will be written on the side of your tyre.
Buy a decent pump... Use it.

2. Take Off That Baggy Jacket...

At a steady 15mph, half of your energy is used to push you through the air.

Baggy, flappy clothing acts like a parachute - slowing you down.

Wear the closest fitting clothes you can. Find out more about cycle clothing here

3. Get Your Saddle Height Right...

Your leg muscles work most efficiently with your saddle in the right position.

Here's a quick method that will get you "in the ballpark".
Put your heel on the pedal.
Extend your leg to the bottom of the pedal stroke.

Your leg should be nearly straight in this position. Adjust the saddle to make it so.

4. Pedal Properly...

The pedals on your bike don't go up and down - they go round and round. So should your feet.

Seasoned riders talk about spinning the pedals.

Most beginners pedal too slowly. Pushing hard against a stiff gear is a recipe for sore leg muscles.

An easier gear, a higher spin speed and you can ride further with less pain afterwards - and you'll recover faster...

How fast should I spin the pedals? If you sing "Stayin' Alive" to yourself and pedal along to that, you'll be doing 90-100rpm. Push the stiffest gear that feels good at that tempo.

5. Eat Properly...

Your bike is powered by the food you eat.
Everything you do is powered by the food you eat.

Eat the right foods and more fuel will be available to your muscles.
Riding will be easier and you'll recover better afterwards.
Read more about Cycling Nutrition home

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